Nominations for athletes, coaches or officials who competed in Section IX are open once each year. Nominees are voted upon by the committee members for induction consideration.

To be considered for nomination to the Section IX Track & Field Hall of Fame, each athlete, coach, team or relay must meet the following criteria:

  1.  Candidates must have competed for a high school which is or was a member of Section IX school at the time of competition.

  2. Candidates must have graduated high school at least 10 years prior to the current election year.

  3. Candidates must have competed in at least one of the following seasons: Cross Country, spring (outdoor) track and/or winter (indoor) track. Candidates considered for coaching nomination or officiating nomination must have coached or officiated for a minimum of twenty (20) years or as otherwise determined by the Board of Directors or the Nominating Committee.

  4. Candidates must be persons of integrity and good character.

  5. Primary emphasis is given to the candidate’s high school career. Post-high school accomplishments are given a secondary consideration.

  6. Coaches, Officials, and Contributors are eligible for consideration. Contributor is defined as an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the sport of X-Country or I/O Track and Field in Section IX. Coaches, officials or contributors may be active or retired.

  7. Relays and XC teams are eligible for consideration. I/O teams are ineligible.

  8. Candidates in the Veterans category will have graduated high school 40 years prior to ballot year or as determined by members of the Hall of Fame Committee.

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